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Gordon Shirreffs: bibliography

There's no Wikipedia article for western and adventure writer Gordon Shirreffs, but here's his bibliography. Believe this was originally snatched from the Contemporary Authors database. Almost all of the books below are westerns, but if not, I'll try to mention it. 

Road to Victory (historical nonfiction), Yale Press, 1946.

Rio Bravo, Gold Medal Books (New York City), 1956.

Code of the Gun, Crest Books (New York City), 1956.

(Under pseudonym Gordon Donalds) Arizona Justice, Avalon, 1956.

Range Rebel, Pyramid Books, 1956.

Fort Vengeance, Popular Library, 1957.

(Under pseudonym Stewart Gordon) Gunswift, Avalon, 1957.

Bugles on the Prairie, Gold Medal Books, 1957.

Massacre Creek, Popular Library, 1957.

Son of the Thunder People, Westminster (Philadelphia, PA), 1957.

(Under pseudonym Gordon Donalds) Top Gun, Avalon, 1957.

Shadow Valley, Popular Library, 1958.

Ambush on the Mesa, Gold Medal Books, 1958.

Swiftwagon, Westminster, 1958.

Last Train from Gun Hill, Signet Books (New York City), 1958.

The Brave Rifles, Gold Medal Books, 1959.

The Lonely Gun, Avon (New York City), 1959.

Roanoke Raiders, Westminster, 1959.

Fort Suicide, Avon, 1959.

Trail's End, Avalon, 1959.

Shadow of a Gunman, Ace Books (New York City), 1959.

Renegade Lawman, Avon, 1959.

Apache Butte, Ace Books, 1960.

They Met Danger, Whitman, 1960.

The Mosquito Fleet, Chilton (Radnor, PA), 1961.

The Rebel Trumpet, Westminster, 1961.
The Proud Gun, Avon, 1961.

Hangin's Pards, Ace Books, 1961.
Ride a Lone Trail, Ace Books, 1961.

The Gray Sea Raiders, Chilton, 1961.

Powder Boy of the Monitor, Westminster, 1961.

The Valiant Bugles, Signet Books, 1962.

Tumbleweed Trigger, Ace Books, 1962.

The Haunted Treasure of the Espectros, Chilton, 1962.

Voice of the Gun (also see below), Ace Books, 1962.

Rio Desperado (also see below), Ace Books, 1962.

Action Front!, Westminster, 1962.

The Border Guidon, Signet Books, 1962.

Mystery of Lost Canyon, Chilton, 1963.

Slaughter at Broken Bow, Avon, 1963.

The Cold Seas Beyond, Westminster, 1963.

The Secret of the Spanish Desert, Chilton, 1964.

Quicktrigger (also see below), Ace Books, 1964.

Too Tough to Die, Avon, 1964.

The Nevada Gun, World Distributors, 1964.

The Hostile Beaches, Westminster, 1964.

The Hidden Rider of Dark Mountain, Ace Books, 1964.

Blood Justice, Signet Books, 1964.

Gunslingers Three, World Distributors, 1964.

Judas Gun, Gold Medal Books, 1964.

Last Man Alive, Avon, 1964.

Now He Is Legend, Gold Medal Books, 1965.

The Lone Rifle, Signet Books, 1965.

The Enemy Seas, Westminster, 1965.

Barranca, Signet Books, 1965.

The Bolo Battalion, Westminster, 1966.

Southwest Drifter, Gold Medal Books, 1967.

Torpedoes Away, Westminster, 1967.

The Godless Breed, Gold Medal Books, 1968.

Five Graves to Boothill, Avon, 1968, revised edition, 1970.

The Killer Sea, Westminster, 1968.

Mystery of the Lost Cliffdwelling, Prentice-Hall (Englewood Cliffs, NJ), 1968.

Showdown in Sonora, Gold Medal Books, 1969.

Jack of Spades, Dell Books (New York City), 1970.

The Manhunter, Gold Medal Books, 1970.

Brasada, Dell Books, 1972.

Bowman's Kid, Gold Medal Books, 1973.

Mystery of the Haunted Mine, School Book Service, 1973.

(Under pseudonym Jackson Flynn) Shootout, Universal Publishing, 1974.

Renegade's Trail, Gold Medal Books, 1974.

The Apache Hunter, Gold Medal Books, 1976.

The Marauders, Gold Medal Books, 1977.

Legend of the Damned, Gold Medal Books, 1977.

Rio Diablo, Ace Books, 1977.

Captain Cutlass, Gold Medal Books, 1978. (Historical fiction.) 

Three from the West (contains Rio Desperado, Quicktrigger, and Voice of the
Gun), Ace Books, 1978.

Calgaich the Swordsman, Playboy Press, 1980. (Historical fantasy.) 

The Untamed Breed, Gold Medal Books, 1981.

Bold Legend, Gold Medal Books, 1982.

Glorieta Pass, Gold Medal Books, 1984.

The Ghost Dancers, Gold Medal Books, 1986.

Hell's Forty Acres (first novel in Dave Hunter/Ash Mawson series), Gold Medal Books, 1987.

Maximilian's Gold (second novel in Dave Hunter/Ash Mawson series), Gold
Medal Books, 1988.

The Walking Sands (third novel in Dave Hunter/Ash Mawson series), Gold
Medal Books, 1990.

The Devil's Dance Floor (fourth novel in Dave Hunter/Ash Mawson series),
Gold Medal Books, 1994.

Also author of Silent Reckoning. Contributor of over 150 short stories and
novelettes to periodicals.

Media Adaptations:
Massacre Creek was filmed as Galvanized Yankee for the television series
Playhouse 90; Rio Bravo was filmed as Oregon Passage by Allied Artists,
Silent Reckoning as The Lonesome Trail by Lippert Productions, Judas Gun as A Long Ride from Hell by B.R.C. Productions, and Blood Justice by Jacques Bar Productions.

Reino Helismaa: Kolme luurankoa

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