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Harry Hobson's Hank Jansons

I'm trying to come up with some information on Harry Hobson (b. 1908, d. ?) who wrote some crime novels in the late fifties as Hank Hobson, but also some sixty novels in the Hank Janson series. Anyone know anything about him? Here's his Hank Janson bibliography compiled from Hubin's crime fiction bibliography. (First the title, then publisher and the year. All the books are paperbacks.)

Beauty and the Beat, Roberts 1962
Berlin Briefing, Compact 1965
The Big H, Compact 1966
The Big Round Bed, Gold 1970
Caribbean Caper, Gold 1971
Casino Strip, Compact 1967
Casinopoly, Compact 1967
Chicago Chick, Robert 1962
Crimebeat Crisis, Compact 1964
Crowns Can Kill, Roberts 1961
Darling Delinquent, Compact 1966
Dateline Darlene, Roberts 1963
Dateline Debbie, Compact 1963
Dateline Diane, Roberts 1962
Deadly Horse-Race, Compact 1967
Doctor Fix, Compact 1964
Escalation, Compact 1966
F.E.U.D., Compact 1966
Fan Fare, Compact 1964
Fast Buck, Compact 1963
Flashpoint, Compact 1965
Globe Probe, Compact 1969
Grape Vine, Roberts 1962
Helldorado, Compact 1966
Infiltration, Gold 1970
Janson, Go Home, Roberts 1961
Jazz Jungle, Compact 1965
The Kay Assignation, Gold 1971
Kill Her with Passion, Gold Star 1963
Ladybirds Are In, Compact 1967
Lake Loot, Compact 1964
Lament for a Lover, Gold 1970
Like Crazy, Roberts 1962
Like Lethal, Roberts 1962
Like Poison, Roberts 1962
Limbo Lover, Compact 1964
Liquor Is Quicker, Compact 1966
The Liz Assignation, Gold 1971
The Long Arm, Gold 1970
The Love Makers, Compact 1963
Love-In and Lamentation, Roberts 1968
Make Mine Mink, Compact 1966
Master Mind, Roberts 1961
Mayfair Slayride, Compact 1966
Missile Mob, Compact 1965
A Nice Way to Die, Gold Star 1963
One-Way Split, Compact 1963
Operation Obliterate, Compact 1967
Physical Attraction, Compact 1966
Riviera Showdown, Compact 1966
Roxy by Proxy, Compact 1965
Same Difference, Compact 1967
Shalom, My Love, Compact 1968
Sprung!, Compact 1968
The Spy in My Bed, Compact 1969
Square One, Compact 1964
Tailsting, Compact 1965
Take This-Sweetie, Roberts 1962
That Brain Again, Compact 1964
Ultimate Deterrent, Gold 1970
Uncommon Market, Roberts 1962
Uncover Agent, Roberts 1962
Villon of the Piece, Gold 1970
Visit from a Broad, Compact 1963
Zero Takes All, Compact 1967

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