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Charles Beckman, Jr.

Pulp writer Charles Beckman died just recently, he was born in 1920 and started out in pulps in 1945. Here's a working bibliography I made from the Fictionmags Index lists, Abebooks and other places. It's not complete and there are books that are not by Beckman 100 % sure (such as books as by Alex Carter). There's a book called Pulp Jazz including Beckman's bibliography, but I don't have it. Comments and corrections welcome.

Short stories as Charles Beckman:

Strictly Poison (ss) Detective Tales Oct 1945
Die—Die Baby (ss) Detective Tales Feb 1946
Rest in Pieces (ss) Detective Tales Jul 1946
Crime on My Hands (ss) New Detective Magazine Sep 1946
Death’s Door (ss) New Detective Magazine Nov 1946
Badman from Boston (ss) Fifteen Western Tales Jan 1947
Die Dancing, Kid (ss) Detective Tales Jan 1947
Time to Kill (ss) New Detective Magazine Jan 1947
Lobo’s Last Bluff (ss) 10 Story Western Magazine Feb 1947
Rusty Guns (ss) Fifteen Western Tales Mar 1947
Bitter Reunion at Rimrock (ss) 10 Story Western Magazine May 1947
Cold Kill (ss) New Detective Magazine May 1947
The Touch That Kills (ss) Detective Tales Jun 1947
Died in the Wool (ss) New Detective Magazine Jul 1947
Afraid to Live (ss) All-Story Detective Oct 1949
Murder on My Mind (ss) New Detective Magazine Nov 1949
Run, Cat, Run! (ss) Dime Mystery Magazine Dec 1949
Eddie Builds His Mouse Trap (ss) Detective Tales Mar 1950
Blackmail Is a Boomerang (ss) F.B.I. Detective Stories Apr 1950
Death Speaks Softly (ss) New Detective Magazine Jul 1950
Satan’s Step-Daughter (ss) Black Mask Detective Jul 1950
Murder Rides Again! (ss) 15 Story Detective Oct 1950
How Dead Can You Get? (ss) Crime Fiction Stories Dec 1950
The Death Dancer (ss) Popular Detective Mar 1951
Island in Hell (ss) 15 Story Detective May 1951
Hell’s Hot Lick (ss) Dime Detective Magazine Oct 1951
Born to the Law (ss) Dime Western Magazine Jan 1952
The Kid Comes Back (ss) New Western Magazine Jan 1952
A Dead Man’s Chest (ss) New Detective Magazine Apr 1952
Light Candles for Kippy (ss) New Detective Magazine Aug 1952
Man of the Island (ss) Sir! Oct 1952
Home for Killers (ss) Mobsters Dec 1952
I’ll Make the Arrest (ss) Manhunt Jan 1953
Two Babes and the Hoods (ss) Detective Story Magazine Jan 1953
Doll, Drop Dead! (ss) Detective Tales Feb 1953
Home Is the Killer! (ss) Fifteen Western Tales Mar 1953
Double Tough’s Not Enough! (ss) Detective Tales Apr 1953
The Last Trumpet (ss) New Detective Magazine Apr 1953
How to Kill a Corpse (ss) Dime Detective Magazine Jun 1953
No Man Could Tame Her! (nv) Star Western Jun 1953
Tough Cop (ss) Thrilling Detective Sum 1953
Ybor City (ss) Manhunt Jun 1953
Ladron to Laredo (nv) .44 Western Magazine Jul 1953
Showdown (vi) Gunsmoke Aug 1953
The Body in the Boat (nv) The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Sep 1953
Brazos Woman (nv) Star Western Oct 1953
Case History (ss) Manhunt Nov 1953
Dixieland Dirge (ss) The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Nov 1953
Killing on Seventh Street (ss) Manhunt Dec 1953
Night Before Murder (ss) Fifteen Detective Stories Dec 1953
The Prophetic Portrait Painter (ss) Malcolm’s Jan 1954
Little Miss Murder (ss) Fifteen Detective Stories Feb 1954
The Assassins (nv) The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Mar 1954
Stagecoach to Hell (ss) Western Ace High Stories Apr 1954
The Last Bullet (ss) Fifteen Western Tales May 1954
Should a Tear Be Shed? (ss) Malcolm’s May 1954
You Know What I Did? (ss) Manhunt May 1954
Two Grand (ss) Manhunt Jul 1954
Watch Him Die (nv) The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Jul 1954
Alibi (ss) The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Sep 1954
The Bargain (ss) Manhunt Oct 1954
Murder, Maestro, Please (ss) Famous Detective Stories Oct 1954
Death Comes Calling (nv) Fifteen Detective Stories Dec 1954
Death Walks in the Fog (ss) Double-Action Detective Stories #1 1954
The Restless Corpse (nv) Fifteen Detective Stories Feb 1955
The Absent Corpse (ss) Famous Detective Stories Apr 1955
His Brand Is Yellow! (nv) Fifteen Western Tales Apr 1955
Speak of the Dead (ss) Famous Detective Stories Jun 1955
A Hot Lick for Doc (ss) Justice Jul 1955
Saddle Shy (ss) Fifteen Western Tales Aug 1955
The Big Salt Lick (ss) Famous Western Dec 1955
Rope for a Pretty Neck (ss) Trapped Detective Story Magazine Jun 1956
The Last Straw (ss) Guilty Detective Story Magazine Jul 1956
Mind Your Own Business (ss) Trapped Detective Story Magazine Aug 1956
Door of Doom (ss) Homicide Detective Story Magazine Sep 1956; possibly “Death’s Door” (New Detective Magazine, November 1946).
Hell’s Cargo (nv) Action-Packed Western Sep 1956
One Thin Dime (ss) Guilty Detective Story Magazine Sep 1956
A Blue Note for Johnny Valenta (ss) Rogue Oct 1956
Stool Pigeon (ss) Trapped Detective Story Magazine Oct 1956
The Blood-Red Snow (ss) Murder Mar 1957
One-Way Fare (ss) Trapped Detective Story Magazine Apr 1957
Hans Was a Very Stubborn Man (nv) Western Romances Jul 1957
The Terrible Laugh (ss) Trapped Detective Story Magazine Jun 1958
Nymph in the Keyhole (ss) Mystery Tales Dec 1958
Framed (ss) Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Feb 1959

Short stories as Charles Boeckman:

Peeping Tom’s Scrapbook (ss) Keyhole Mystery Magazine Apr 1960
Ambition (ss) Keyhole Mystery Magazine Aug 1960
In Memoriam (ss) Manhunt Jun 1961
Chain Reaction (ss) Manhunt Oct 1961
The Piñata (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Jul 1964
Blind Date (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Sep 1964
Mind Over Murder (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Sep 1972
A Long Crime Ago (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Oct 1972
Class Reunion (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Jun 1973
You Can Get Away with Murder (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Jan 1975
Mr. Banjo (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Jul 1975
The G-String Corpse (ss) Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Aug 1975

Short story or possibly a true story as Charles Beckman, Jr.:

Man Of The Island, Sir! Oct. 1952

Crime novel as Charles Beckman, Jr.:

Honky-Tonk Girl. Falcon 1953; reprint Borgo 2011.

Crime novel as Charles Boeckman:

Snatched!: A Kate and Craig Suspense Story. Pro Se Press 2014. (His last book to be published.)

Western novel as Charles Boeckman:

When the Devil Came to Endless, Avalon 1996.

Sex novels as Alex Carter:

Velvet Jackpot. Softcover Library 1965.
They All Ran Naked. Softcover Library 1967.
Boy-Lover. Softcover Library 1970.
The Games She Played. Softcover Library 1966.
Traded Wives. Softcover Library 1970.
Love Too Soon. Softcover Library 1961.

Sex novels as Charles Beck:

The Bed at the Top. Softcover Library 1965.
Licence to Sin. Softcover Library 1972.

Sex novels as Diane Carter:

I, Prostitute. Softcover Library 1968.
A Man for Diane. Softcover Library 1969.

Romantic novels as Patti Beckman with Patti Beckman (list not complete):

A World of Their Own. Harlequin.
Summer's Storm. Silhouette 1986.
Tender Deception. Silhouette 1982.
Spotlight to Fame. Silhouette 1982.
Thunder at Dawn. Silhouette.
Louisiana Lady. Silhouette.
Nashville Blues.
Dateline: Washington.
Someday My Love.
Captive Heart.
On Stage.
The Beachcomber.
Mermaid's Touch.

Short story collections as Charles Beckman, Jr. (publisher CreateSpace?):

Suspense, Suspicion & Shockers, 2013.
Saddles, Sixguns & Shootouts, 2013.
Blazing Trails and Western Tales, Rough Edges Press 2014.

Non-fiction as Charles Boeckman:

Cool, Hot and Blue, Pocket Books 1970.

PS. Are House of Secrets (Avalon 1992) and Remember Our Yesterdays (Bouregy 1991) as by C. V. Boeckman by Charles Beckman? 

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