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Hugh B. Cave in Finnish

Hugh B. Cave was a very well-known American horror writer who wrote for the pulps and the slicks. There are some short stories that came out in Finnish and are attributed to him, but I can't find any info on them being published as by Hugh B. Cave. When I was in contact with Cave (a month before he died!), he said he couldn't remember the stories, so they are not necessarily his stories, but only wrongly attributed to him. Does anyone recognize these stories? The titles are translated back into English, all came out in Finnish in the early fifties. I think the short notes I have here are from an e-mail to Cave. They are a bit hazy, I admit.

"Corday's Alibi", published in 1938: a filler (two or three pages) about a man who kills the boss he hates. Twist in the end.

"Journalist Butts In", published in 1951: a journalist who is writing a story about a famous architect is not allowed to search his attic and begins to suspect that there is something fishy going on.

"The Case of the Poison Bottle", published in 1951: a very English-type mansion mystery, I can't remember the details anymore.

"Hopeless Tony", published in 1958 as by Hugh A. Cave (sic): short romantic story, clearly from a slick.

PS. Here are also the horror stories published in Finnish by Cave:

Haaksirikko (yhdessä Jonathan Eldridgen kanssa). Seikkailujen Maailma 2/1938. Alun perin Derelict, Adventure, toukokuu 1937.
Kawalon kirous, teoksessa Markku Sadelehto (toim.): Outoja tarinoita 4. Jalava. Alun perin Imp of Satan, Horror Stories, lokakuu 1935. 
Odottavia naisia, teoksessa Michele Slung: Värisyttävä kosketus. Alun perin Ladies in Waiting, Whispers, kesäkuu 1975 (kirjassa Whispers, Doubleday 1977). 

Syvyyksien alta, teoksessa Markku Sadelehto (toim.): Outoja tarinoita 6. Jalava. Alun perin From the Lower Deep, teoksessa Whispers II, Doubleday 1979.

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