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Clayton Matthews

I wrote about Clayton Matthews in Pulpetti here. Here's his bibliography (starting from the next post), posted in five separate images, scanned from the bibliography he sent me five or six years ago.

Since he didn't include his own works, I've put up a list and post it here.

Crime novels:
The Big Score. Brandon 1973.
Death at the Border. Fearon 1986.
Dive into Death. Sherbourne 1969.
Hong Kong. Pocket Books 1976.
The Mendoza File. Powell 1970.
The Negotiator. Pyramid 1975.
Nylon Nightware. Powell 1970.

Crime novel with Arthur Moore:
Las Vegas, Pocket Books 1974.

Collections of crime short stories:
Hagar's Castle. Powell 1969. (does anyone know what stories there are in here? are they previously published or new?)

Crime short stories:
Stone Cold Dead in the Marketplace, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine 1958
Pit of Fear, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, April 1974
Raft of Fear, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, May 1970
Trade-Off, Classic Pulp Fiction Stories, August 1997
The Big Stretch, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Jun 1970 (mentioned also as being a Western story; anyone able to confirm this?)
Bucknell’s Law, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Sep 1981 (this also sounds like a Western story)
The Caliber of Death, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Jul 1982
The Handyman, AHMM Apr 1967
Run, Rabbit, Run (with Leo Whitaker), Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Mar 1981
Twister, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Aug 1970
The Ultimate Death of Roger Blaine, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Jun 1968

The Western novels:
The Birthright. Pinnacle 1980.
Bounty Hunt at Ballarat. Pinnacle 1973.
The Disinherited. Bantam 1983.
The Redeemers. Bantam 1984.

The erotic novels:
The Corrupter. Monarch 1964.
Discontented Wives. Beacon 1961.
Faithless. Monarch 1962; MacFadden 1970.
Nude Running. Monarch 1963.
The Promiscuous Doll, Monarch 1962.
A Rage of Desire. Monarch 1960; MacFadden 1969.
Sex Dancer, Beacon 1962.
The Strange Ways of Love, Monarch 1961.

Mainstream novels:
The Power seeker. Pinnacle Books 1978.
The Proud castles. Lorevan 1986.

Twister. David S. Lake Publishers 1986.

Honky-tonk. Musical play. With Patricia Matthews.
Junction: a mystery play. 1993.
Comeback: a play in two acts. 1996.
J. Edgar and Ma: a play in two acts. 1999.
Mousewife. With Patricia Matthews. 1999.

A short story as by Patty Matthews (could be a collaboration or Patricia Matthews alone or Clayton going under his wife's name):

Going to Pot, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Sep 1981

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