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Tedd Thomey's short stories

The recently deceased Tedd Thomey's short stories, taken unabashedly from the Fictionmags Index. More info on Thomey here.

THOMEY, TEDD (1920-2008)
* All Burned Up, (ss) Dime Detective Magazine Apr 1950
Black Mask (UK) Jul 1952
* Blood on His Boots, (ss) Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Oct 1956
Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (Australia) Aug 1957
* Come Hell or Hot Water!, (ss) Black Mask Jan 1950
Black Mask (UK) May 1950
* Death Torch, (ss) Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Sep 1953
* Death’s Golden Hands, (na) Suspect Detective Stories Oct 1956
* Frying Room Only, (ss) All-Story Detective Aug 1949
* Hollywood Hard-Head, (ar) Man’s Magazine Jun 1963
* Homicide House, (ss) Pursuit Detective Story Magazine Sep 1954
Pursuit—The Phantom Mystery Magazine Aug 1955
* Man-Hungry Females—Dr. Douglas Webb’s Weird Clinic, (ts) Action for Men Mar 1965; They Gave Him Their Bodies and Their Money…All But One Who Played an Even Hotter Game—A Sexy Beauty in Nothing But a Blue Bra
* Nobody Believes Me, (nv) Pursued Jul 1957
* Slay-ride to Eternity, (nv) Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (Australia) May 1957
Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Jun 1957
* $10,000 an Inch, (ss) Thrilling Detective Apr 1948; says “$10,000 Dollars an Inch” on contents page.; says “$10,000 Dollars an Inch” on contents page.
Thrilling Detective (UK) Oct 1949

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