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Paul Ernstin bibliografia

Napsaisin tämmöisen Fictionmags Indexistä, koska siihen linkittäminen ei useinkaan toimi indeksin jatkuvasti kehittyessä ja linkkien "liikkuessa". Kyse on siis Paul Ernstin pulp- ja muissa lehdissä julkaistujen novellien bibliografiasta. Ernstistä kirjoitan täällä tarkemmin (Pulpografiasta otettu hakusana korjausten kera).

ERNST, PAUL (Frederick) (1899-1985); see pseudonym Frederick Carr (stories)

Marrying Marta (ss) Droll Stories Jan 1927
Confessions (pm) Los Angeles Times Mar 25 1928; about writing confession stories at 2¢ a word.
Safe and Dependable (ss) Los Angeles Times Oct 14 1928
The Temple of Serpents (ss) Weird Tales Oct 1928
Big, BIG Money (ss) Opportunity Apr 1930
Dander’s Digs (vi) Opportunity Apr 1930
There Was a Wife (ss) Young’s Magazine May 1930
One Little Ship (ss) Wow! Oct 1930
Singing School (hu) The Saturday Evening Post Apr 2 1932
Guilty Roses (ss) Clues Jul 1932
Escape (pm) Street & Smith’s Complete Stories Sep 15 1932
Nice People (hu) The Saturday Evening Post Nov 5 1932
letter (lt) Weird Tales Sep 1933
Bail-Jumper (ss) Black Bat Detective Mysteries Feb 1934
The Shining Skull (ss) Clues Mar 1934
To the Cleaners (ss) Thrilling Detective Apr 1934; Pat Barnes of the Force is Found Dead in a Doorway.
House of Death (ss) Thrilling Detective Aug 1934
Snake! (ss) Clues Oct 1934
The Hooded Killer (na) Thrilling Detective Nov 1934
Madman’s Circus (nv) Horror Stories Feb 1935
Sublevel Seventeen (ss) Thrilling Adventures Feb 1935
The Corpse in the Cage (ss) Clues Detective Stories Apr 1935
The Red Ghost Deaths (nv) Popular Detective Apr 1935
Smiling Horror (ss) Thrilling Detective Apr 1935
Danse Macabre (ss) Dime Mystery Magazine May 1935
Dead Man Murdered (ss) Clues Detective Stories May 1935
The Garroter of Death (na) Thrilling Detective Jun 1935
The Tree That Bled (ss) Horror Stories Jun 1935
The Brain Killer (ss) Clues Detective Stories Jul 1935
Six Hours to Live (nv) Five-Novels Monthly Oct 1935
Slave of the White Madness (ss) Horror Stories Dec 1935
They Wear Death’s Face (nv) Dime Mystery Magazine Dec 1935
Devil at the Wheel (nv) Thrilling Mystery Jan 1936
Wife of the Dragon-Fly (ss) Weird Tales Feb 1936
Death Misses the Headlings (ss) Detective Tales Mar 1936
Room 502 (ss) Clues Detective Stories May 1936
Guests of the Lovely Dead (nv) Terror Tales Jun 1936
Highway to Hell (ss) Argosy Jul 4 1936
Satan Takes Pictures (ss) Detective Tales Jul 1936
Death Ray (ss) Popular Detective Sep 1936
The Devil’s Island (ss) The Whisperer Oct 1936
G-Man’s Resignation (ss) Federal Agent Jan 1937
The Quarry Murders (nv) Five-Novels Monthly Feb 1937
Tattooed Murder (nv) The Feds Mar 1937
The Invincible Midge (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr 1937
The Gentle Gunman (ss) Argosy May 15 1937
Mate for the Thing in the Box (na) Dime Mystery Magazine May 1937
The Embezzler Meets Death (nv) Five-Novels Monthly Jun 1937
Substitute for Justice (ss) Detective Tales Jul 1937
Hell on Crutches (nv) Thrilling Detective Sep 1937
No Shoes for Corpses! (ss) Detective Tales Sep 1937
Bridge to Murder (ss) Pocket Detective Magazine Oct 1937
The Man from Painted Arrow (ss) Argosy Oct 15 1938
Case of the Headless Matches (ss) Clues Detective Stories Oct 1938
Ruby-Red Trail (ss) Crime Busters Nov 1938
Staying Over (vi) The American Magazine Dec 1938
A Turtle Named Pete (ss) Clues Detective Stories Dec 1938
Daughters of the Bat (ss) Clues Detective Stories Feb 1939
Nothing Happens on the Moon (ss) Astounding Feb 1939; also as “Nothing to Report”.
Nothing to Report (ss) Astounding Feb 1939
On the Killer’s List (nv) Five-Novels Monthly Feb 1939
Killer by My Side (nv) Detective Tales Apr 1939
Death Gets a Permanent (nv) Detective Fiction Weekly May 20 1939
The Great Green Serpent (nv) Argosy Jun 10 1939
Death of the Seven Masks (ss) Clues Detective Stories Jun 1939
Murder Concession (ss) Clues Detective Stories Jul 1939
The Man with Two Thumbs (ss) Clues Detective Stories Nov 1939
The Glass Mountain (na) The Avenger Feb 1940 [Richard Henry Benson The Avenger]
Three-Headed Monkey (ss) Clues Detective Stories Apr 1940
Old Doctor, Young Doctor (ss) The Saturday Evening Post May 18 1940
He Didn’t Want Soup (ss) Argosy Dec 14 1940
Larceny Gesture (ss) Detective Fiction Aug 20 1941
I Was But Seventeen (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 24 1942; What happens when a new man comes to town.
Sinister Syndicate (nv) Street & Smith’s Detective Story Magazine Jan 1942
The Old Gang (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jul 11 1942
Let the Girl Down Gently (ss) Colliers Nov 7 1942
So Small a World (ss) Colliers Feb 27 1943
The Bride Wore Black (nv) New Detective Magazine Mar 1943
Twilight and Evening Star (ss) The American Magazine Jun 1943
Without Labels (ss) The Country Gentleman Jul 1943
My Mother Told Me (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Sep 11 1943
Sing a Little, Dance a Little (ss) Good Housekeeping Sep 1943
Pleased to Murder You (na) Short Stories Jan 10 1944
The Twang of Death (nv) Flynn’s Detective Fiction May 1944
Didnt I Tell You? (ss) Woman’s Home Companion Jan 1945
The Sergeant Was a Shy Man (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 17 1945
Yours for the Asking (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Dec 1 1945
Never Share a Taxi! (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 5 1946
Until the Moon Falls (ss) Redbook Sep 1947
Come into My Parlor! (ss) Redbook Jan 1948
Gilt-Edged Mirror (n.) Redbook Apr 1948
Broken Date (ss) Los Angeles Times Aug 21 1948
Wings for an Angel (ss) Redbook Aug 1948
“Argonotes” by Anon. (bg) Argosy Oct 1948
The Tall Shadow (ss) Argosy Oct 1948
Ebb Tide (ss) Colliers Jan 8 1949
An Orchid for Anne (ss) Capper’s Farmer Dec 1949
Gorgeous Skinflint (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Apr 29 1950
The Mouse and the Mantrap (ss) Family Circle Jun 1950
Nuisance (ss) The American Magazine Jun 1950
A Man’s Girl (vi) Redbook Apr 1951
Flight from Scandal (n.) Redbook Jun 1951
Corn-Fed (ss) Colliers May 31 1952
Daughter of the Sea (nv) Redbook Jun 1952
Picture of My Love (vi) Redbook Nov 1952
To Prove Beyond Doubt (n.) Redbook Aug 1953
Play It Rough (ss) Argosy Sep 1953
Wedding Loan (vi) Redbook Feb 1954
Yes, Dear— (ss) Redbook Mar 1954
The Case of the Floating Heiress (ss) This Week Jun 20 1954
Half a Love (na) The American Magazine Jul 1954
The Death Dealer (ss) Fifteen Detective Stories Sep 1954
Secret Wedding (na) Redbook Feb 1955
She Learned to Say No (ss) Redbook Apr 1956
To Honor and Cherish (n.) Redbook Jun 1957
We Run a Nursing Home [with Florence Berg] (ar) The Saturday Evening Post Oct 12 1957; article centers around the Anderson-Berg Home, in Glenmoore, Pa. It accomodates 14 patients. Florence Berg and her partner Mildred Anderson run the business.
A Time to Marry (n.) Redbook Sep 1958
Heart of a Hunter (ss) Argosy Jan 1960
Visit Home (n.) Redbook Jun 1960
Tangle of Truth (n.) Redbook Apr 1961
Invitation to a Wedding (n.) Redbook Nov 1962
Invitation to a Wedding (sl) Redbook Nov 1962
The Real Thing (n.) Redbook Dec 1964
The Long Way Home (n.) Redbook Apr 1966

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