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V.A. Thiessen

Here's a working bibliography of pulp writer V.A. Thiessen's short stories. Possibly not inclusive. The short intro is taken from an e-mail by possibly Todd Mason. 

Here's the western output I have for Thiessen (no doubt there's more, in just Ranch Romances alone).  He seems to have come in about 1954, at the same time that Helen Tono became editor.  I haven't (yet, anyway) seen any of his work in a Fanny Ellsworth issue.  In fact, all the stories I have by
him are 1954 and 1955.

"The Barber of Buffalo Bend," Ranch Romances, September 10, 1954
"Blizzard Bargain," Ranch Romances, December 17, 1954
"The Devil's Eyeglasses," Ranch Romances, December 3, 1954
"Rendezvous at Night," Ranch Romances, October 21, 1955
 "The Rustler's Woman," Ranch Romances, October 22, 1954

Here's V.E. Thiessen's small sf output (courtesy of Miller/Contento CD-ROM):

THIESSEN, V. E. (stories)
Afraid (ss) Startling Stories Fll '46; given as by W. E. Thiessen.
Her Heart Stood Still (ss) Doc Savage Mar '47
Prisoner in Time (ss) Famous Fantastic Mysteries Apr '47
Asteroid Justice (ss) Planet Stories Fll '47
Spiders of Saturn (ss) Amazing Feb '50
Reach for the Stars (ss) Fantasy Stories Nov '50
They Who Sleep (ss) Amazing May '51
The Beast-Jewel of Mars (nv) Planet Stories Spr '55
There Will Be School Tomorrow (ss) Fantastic Universe Nov '56

"Afraid",  Startling Stories, Fall 1946
"I Love Ugly Faces",  Detective Story Magazine, February 1947
"Her Heart Stood Still",  Doc Savage, March/April 1947
"Death Dust",  Detective Story Magazine, April 1947
"Prisoner in Time", Famous Fantastic Mysteries, April 1947
"Daffodil Moon Murders",  Detective Story Magazine, July 1947
"Cube Root of Mayhem",  Dime Detective, July 1947
"Asteroid Justice",  Planet Stories, Fall 1947
"Calling All Dead",  Dime Mystery Magazine, October 1947
"Mind Over Mayhem",  New Detective May 1948
"Six Tricks Make a Corpse",  Ten Detective Aces, May 1948
"Rope Enough",  Detective Tales, August 1948
"Frozen Stiff",  Detective Tales, December 1948
"She Wouldn't Stay Dead",  Dime Detective, January 1949
"Today's Special - Poison!",  Detective Tales, February 1949
"Spiders of Saturn",  Amazing Stories February 1950
"Last Shakedown", Detective Tales, July 1950
"Doodlebug Murder",  Detective Tales, August 1950
"Reach for the Stars",  Fantasy Stories November 1950
"They Who Sleep",  Amazing Stories May 1951
"A Fine Foggy Night",  Detective Story Magazine, November 1952
"Lady in Hades",  Dime Detective, December 1952
"Lady be Dead",  Popular Detective, January 1953
"The Other Man",  Detective Tales, February 1953
"C.O.D. - Corpse on Delivery",   Detective Story Magazine, March 1953
"You'll Murder 'em Tonight!",   Dime Detective, April 1953
"Write Me Some Death Insurance",  Detective Tales, April 1953
"Fry By Night", New Detective, June 1953
"Kill Me Easy, Kill Me Quick",  Malcolm's, May 1954
"The Judo Punch",  Manhunt, July 1954
"The Barber of Buffalo Bend," Ranch Romances, September 10, 1954
"The Green Door",  Smashing Detective Stories, December 1954
"The Devil's Eyeglasses," Ranch Romances, December 3, 1954
"Blizzard Bargain," Ranch Romances, December 17, 1954
"The Beast-Jewel of Mars",  Planet Stories Spring 1955
"There Will Be School Tomorrow",  Fantastic Universe November 1956
"The Easy Mark",  Saint Detective Magazine, February 1957
"Beyond the Tea Leaves",  Saint Detective Magazine, December 1957
"Man in the Barrel", Trapped Detective Story Magazine, December 1956
"That Deadly, Deadly Smile", Guilty Detective Story Magazine,  May 1957

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