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Charles Willeford's bibliography

The bibliography of masterful crime writer, Charles Willeford. Hope it's complete, with poems and all.

Proletarian Laughter (Alicat Bookshop Press, 1948) (poetry)
Seven prose "Schematics"
"Proletarian Laughter"
"In the Truck, In the Back"
"In a Simple Search for Justice"
"The Tree, the Sky, the Sleeper"
"We, Willeford, the People"
"Passion and Permanence"
"Death is My Brother"
"Eight Panes of Glass"
"In Case of Night"
"For Which I Sought and Saw It"
"The Responsibility of Command"
"Soil Erotica"
"Continuity ..."
High Priest of California (Royal Books Giant #G-20, 1953)
Pick-Up (Beacon, 1955)
High Priest of California/Wild Wives (Beacon #B130, 1956) (Wild Wives a.k.a. Until I Am Dead)
Honey Gal (a.k.a. The Black Mass of Brother Springer) (Beacon #B160, 1958)
Lust is a Woman (a.k.a. Made in Miami) (Beacon #B175, 1958)
The Woman Chaser (original title The Director) (Newsstand Library #U137, 1960)
Understudy for Love (original title The Understudy: A Novel About Men and Women) (Newsstand Library #U170, 1961)
Whip Hand (original title Deliver Me From Dallas!) (New York: Gold Medal, 1961) (By W. Franklin Sanders; Willeford co-wrote it, but his name didn't make it into print)
Cockfighter (Chicago Paperback House #B-120, 1962)
No Experience Necessary (Newsstand Library #U182, 1962) (The first chapters are not Willeford's, and some parts were later re-used in Sideswipe)
The Machine in Ward Eleven (Belmont, 1963)
"The Machine in Ward Eleven"
"Selected Incidents"
"A Letter to A.A. (Almost Anybody)"
"Jake's Journal"
"Just Like on Television -"
"The Alectryomancer"
Poontang and Other Poems (New Athenaeum Press, 1967) (poetry)
"Grendel's Dam"
"A Pastoral for Leroi Jones"
"Drive-in Sestina"
"U.S. Tourist in Jerusalem"
"The 2nd Half of the Double-feature"
"Basement Pastoral No. 2"
The Burnt Orange Heresy (Crown, 1971)
The Hombre from Sonora (Lenox Hill Press, 1971) (as Will Charles)
A Guide for the Undehemorrhoided (self-published, 1977)
Off the Wall: A True Life Novel (Pegasus Rex, 1980)
Miami Blues* (St. Martin's, 1984)
Grimhaven* (1985) (never published; depressing sequel in which Hoke kills his two daughters and tries to kill his ex-wife and her new husband)
New Hope for the Dead* (St. Martin's, 1985)
Something About a Soldier (Random House, 1986) (autobiography)
New Forms of Ugly: The Immobilized Hero in Modern Fiction (Dennis McMillan, 1987) (expanded version of master's thesis)
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Dennis McMillan, 1987) (Part two, the Hank Norton section, of The Shark-Infested Custard, with a different ending)
Sideswipe* (St. Martin's, 1987)
Cockfighter Journal (Santa Barbara: Maurice Neville Rare Books, 1988)
Everybody's Metamorphosis (Dennis McMillan, 1988)
"Checking Out"
"Give the Man a Cigar"
"To a Nephew in College"
"The Deserted Village"
"Nowhere for a Gone Cat"
"A Matter of Taste"
"The Old Man at the Bridge"
"Citizen's Arrest"
"Some Lucky License"
"The Man Who Loved Ann Landers"
"The Gardener and the Princess"
"An Actor Prepares"
"Warren & Lee"
"How I Learned Survival in the Age of Aquarius"
"A Scenario for Mr. Bigelow"
(Bibliography by Don Herron)
I Was Looking for a Street (Woodstock, Vermont: Countryman Press, 1988) (autobiography)
The Way We Die Now* (Random House, 1988)
The Shark-Infested Custard (Novato, California: Underwood/Miller, 1993)
The Difference (Tucson, Arizona: Dennis McMillan, 1999) (reprint of The Hombre from Sonora)

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