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Bibliography for Andrew J. Collins, aka Peter Keyes

Relates to this blog post.

Taken from the Fictionmags Index: 

As by Andrew J. Collins:

Murder Waits Till Midnight (ss) Scientific Detective Jul 1946
Mary Dies Tonight (ss) Mammoth Mystery Aug 1946
There’s Money in Murder (ss) Scientific Detective Aug 1946
Homicide Hotbed (sl) Scientific Detective Nov 1946, etc.
Shakedown Shamus (ss) Thrilling Detective Apr 1947
Crime on My Hands (ss) Scientific Detective Jun 1947
The Egg in the Bier (nv) Thrilling Detective Jun 1947
A Short Bier for Bertha (ss) Thrilling Detective Aug 1947
The Golden Harp (ss) Scientific Detective Nov 1947
Sing a Song of Murder (ss) Scientific Detective Mar 1948
A Date with Death (nv) Private Detective Stories May 1948
Some Like ’Em Dead (ss) Hollywood Detective May 1948
Thunder in Stony Flats (nv) Black Book Detective Jan 1949
All Cozy with a Corpse (ss) Hollywood Detective Dec 1949
Deep in the Heart of Murder (ss) Hollywood Detective Feb 1950
And a Time for Dying (ss) Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Jan 1960

As by A. J. Collins: 

The Tin Ear (Merit, 1952, pb)
Wail of the Lonely Wench (Chicago Paperback House, 1962, pb)

As by Peter Keyes, all from Brandon House (incomplete list):

By Sex Possessed (1966)
Hardrock Romeo (1967)
Soft Savage Cat (1967)
Love Formula (1967) 
The Love Odds (1967)
Between Two Women (1968)
The Husband Hunters (1972)

As by Peter Keyes:

The Land Grabbers. Major 1975. 

As by Edna Ames:

The House of Secrets (Major, 1976, pb)

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