tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2015

Western fiction by James Blish

I came across this short bibliography on an old computer of mine. I don't know anymore who compiled it, but I'm pretty sure it's reliable. James Blish was a science fiction writer, working in that genre from the early fifties on. He also wrote some western short stories for the pulps, here they are. Someone could do a small collection.

James Blish's complete Western pulp output was:

- Back-Shot Legacy (ss) {with Virginia Kidd, according to Blish's sales ledger}
Western Action 4-47 {as by Luke Torley}

- Barbed-Wire Law (ss)
Blue Ribbon Western 5-47 {as by Luke Torley}

- Bonanza in Lead (ss)
Famous Western 4-48

- Chinook Bill and the Shootin' Woman (ss)
Complete Cowboy Novel Magazine 11-48

- Freedom Lode (NT)
Six Gun Western 9-48

- The Hound of Hades (ss)
Blue Ribbon Western 8-49

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