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John Coleman Burroughs

The bibliography of John Coleman Burroughs, Edgar Rice's son, who was the real writer behind The Giant of Mars. John's stuff in comic books not included.

Short stories with Hulbert Burroughs (his brother):
The Man Without A World, Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1939.
The Lightning Men, Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1940.
The Bottom of the World, also illustrated,, Startling Stories, September 1941.

Short stories with Jane Ralston Burroughs (wife):
Hybrid of Horror, Thrilling Mystery, July 1940.

Novel as by Edgar Rice Burroughs:
John Carter of Mars, Whitman 1940. (Also illustrated.)
The Giant of Mars, Amazing, tammikuu 1941. (Expanded edition of "John Carter of Mars". Also published: Amazing, January 1964, paperback Ballantine 1965.)

Novel as by John Coleman Burroughs:
Treasure Of The Black Falcon. Ballantine 1967.

Short story by Hulbert Burroughs:
The Fight Over the Solomons, Air War 2/1944.

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